Member Extravaganza


April 2 through May 31, 2018

Members qualify by sponsoring at least one new member into any chapter within the BNI Atlanta regions. The member’s name will be entered in a drawing for each new member sponsored.  All applications must be dated within the Member Extravaganza period, as well as be approved and received in our office to be processed by June 15.  Any applications received after that date, regardless of the application date, will not be included in the contest.

ELIGIBILTY: To qualify for prize drawings, each member must sponsor at least one new member.

WINNER(S): Each time a member sponsors a new member, his/her name will be put into the drawing.  The winner will be drawn from all entries on July 2, 2018


  Sponsor 3+ - $550

  Sponsor 2   - $300

  Sponsor 1   - $200




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