TMR - Traditional Meeting Relaunch


The resources on this page are for those Chapters that are considering applying to restart in-person BNI Weekly Chapter meetings or are already part of the TMR Process in the BNI Atlanta Regions. We know there will be an appropriate time to restart in-person meetings in every BNI region, but the question is: When is the right time for your team to restart meeting in-person again?  This TMR Process begins answering the question.

The first step in this process is to submit the BNI Chapter TMR Application found below.  Once you have submitted your application, register your ELT for for one of the TMR Webiars for ELT.  These events are found on our Regional Calendar.

We look forward to supporting your business growth.

Cathy and Mike Barbieri | Executive Directors
BNI Atlanta - GA NW, GA NE & GA South



Tools and Resources


BNI Atlanta TMR Manual - Ver.5/28/2021

BNI Chapter TMR Application

BNI TMR Process and COVID Prevention Version 5 (6/02/2021)

TMR FAQ (6/03/2021)

Legal Notice for In-Person Meeting Attendees

TMR Chapter Training Important Points (Updated 2/01/22)
BNI TMR Signage Packet - PDF (7/23/21)

TMR Meeting Format Options (9/23/21)

Gov. Kemp - GA 2021 Executive Orders

John Hopkins Coronavirus US Map
World Health Organization (WHO)
Chapter Meeting Venue Questionnaire

Support Contacts

If you have questions regarding the TMR Process please email Mike Barbieri at the BNI Atlanta Regional Office (678-264-8708 x701) at [email protected].  ELT will be be need to attend the BNI TMR Webinar for ELT to understand the process and bring updated information back to their Chapter.  The ELT may view the webinar events on Calendar on this website and register.  The Chapter will set a return date with our Director Team and will need a written approval from the Regional Office before the Chapter returns to in-person meetings or a hybrid format.

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