BNI Better Together Days



What is Bettertogether?

Bettertogether is a BNI tradition that happens in April and May. It is a fun and exciting way to look at and participate in Chapter growth. BNI provides all the tools, resources, and a support system you need to grow your Chapter’s network.

How do we sign up?

Click on this link to access a registration form and submit the form to register your Chapter now! All you will need is the date your Chapter will host an event and 1-4 names of Members from your Chapter that will champion (Lead) the event rollout.


Tools and Resources


BNI Better Together Chapter Rollout PPT

Chapter Registeration Form

Selecting Chapter Champions

Live Training Events for Champions (COMING SOON!)

Event Day Tips & Best Practices

Chapter Champion Weekly Training Video Links
 Recognition Ideas

 Follow-Up Best Practices

Visitor Day Resources


Chapter Visitor Day Process Guide (Word Doc)

Chapter Visitor Day Training Workshop (PPT)
Visitor Day Chapter Tracker (Excel)
Inviting Teamplates (Word Doc)

Contact Sphere Resources


Contact Sphere Challege Process Guide (Word Doc)

Contact Sphere Challenge Training Workshop (PPT)
Contact Sphere List 8 in 6 Fillable (PDF)

Event Day Presentations


5 Benefits of BNI (PPT)

Marketing your Business with BNI (PPT)
Relationships, Trust and BNI (PPT)


Support Contacts

If you have questions regarding the BNI Better Days Process or Events please email Mike Barbieri at the BNI Atlanta Regional Office (678-264-8708 x701) at [email protected] or contact your Chapter Director Consulant.

The Latest From BNI

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