Sponor Recognition Program



The Sponsor Recognition Program is to award and recognize our valued BNI Chapter Members that have helped their chapter by introducing a visitor who then became a member. You may sponsor a new member into your own chapter or into any other chapter in BNI Atlanta's three regions.  Sponsoring new members into your chapter helps everyone in the group grow more business, generate more opportunitities and increase revenue.  Contributing to the growth of the team and enabling other businesses within your community also helps to develop and build your own credibility and value.

Sponsor Recognition is separated into to levels.  YEARLY recognition and a LIFETIME recognition levels are shown below. 


The Yearly Recognition Program runs from October 1st through September 30 every year.  The goal is for each member in every chapter to sponsor one or more new member each year that they need as a great referral partner in their room or contact sphere.  Each member is individually responsible to place people and partners around their own table that they need to increase referrals. We award recognition ribbons for every sponsor a member brings into the chapter.  The ribbons are placed on the bottom of the Member Name Badge.  This yearly program will re-start every October 1st as the the new leadership team takes it's place.

Sponsor 1

Sponsor 2

Sponsor 3

Sponsor 4

Sponsor 5



The Lifetime Recognition Program is for BNI Members that have sponsored six (6+) or more members in to BNI.  Visitors are the lifeblood of BNI at every level. They are more than just potential members. They bring a whole new sphere of contacts, introductions and of course referrals. Visitors ensure the dynamics of your chapter meetings are constantly changing, so no two meetings are ever the same.  Members who consistently bring quality visitors to your chapter are extremely valuable members indeed, and we want to recognize them, which is why we set up the BNI Atlanta’s Gold, Platinum, Diamond & Elite Sponsor Clubs.  BNI Sponsor Clubs recognizes those members who go the extra mile in building and to help their chapter by introducing 6+ visitors who then become members. Their efforts are formally acknowledged at the chapter, regional and national levels and are rewarded with the prestigious Gold,  Platinum, Diamond or Elite Sponsor Club Member Name Badge.


Bronze Club

Silver Club


1-2 Sponsorships

3-5 Sponsorships


Gold Club

Double Gold Club

Triple Gold Club

Platinum Club

Double Platinum Club

Triple Platinum Club

Diamond Club

Double Diamond Club

Triple Diamond Club

Elite Club

Double Elite Club


1-2 Sponsorships

3-5 Sponsorships

7-11 Sponsorships

12-17 Sponsorships

18-23 Sponsorships

24-29 Sponsorships

30-35 Sponsorships

>36-41 Sponsorships

42-47 Sponsorships

48-53 Sponsorships

60-65 Sponsorships

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