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Meet our newest Chapter!  Please help us welcome them to the BNI Atlanta Team!

C.O.B.B. Connectors in Powder Springs - Wednesday's at 11:30 AM.

Click here for Chapter Details

 Check them out on Facbook too.

MEMBER SUCCESS TRAINING - It's not just for new members!

The new BNI name badges are available for all of our BNI Atlanta members.  All of our new members receive one with their New Member Success Kit at our member Success Program training.  All of our current members also receive a new customized BNI Name badge when they register and attend a Member Success Program.  The are currently 5 Member Success Programs held each month within our regions.  THESE MEMBERSUCCESS PROGRAMS ARE PART OF YOUR BNI ATLANTA  MEMBERSHIP AND ARE GIVEN AT NO COST ADDITIONAL COST

If is has been a few years since you have seen this training, its is probably time you registered for one and sharpened some of your tools.  Think back when you were new to BNI and you went through this course.  How much did you really retain?  Imagine now that you know what is going on in your BNI Chapter, what you could learn to be a better more efficient networker and referral parter to your team?  You want more referrals?  It is simple... Go back to training and learn.

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